His mama is a red pit and his dad is a blue brindle and I can’t decide on a name for him I’m thinking maybe deistel but idk I want something tough. 5. i was thinking We are getting a rednose male next week and I need to find a name for him. Pit Bulls are notorious for their protective nature and this can cause fear among house guests. he’s 10wks old and is a rescue. Your email address will not be published. Also Razor is my nephew’s. My neighbor gave me her pit puppy because she couldn’t take care of her, she’s pure white so I decided to give her sexy name because she’s so fabulous I named her MONROE, idk how I came up with it, it just hit me when I saw her. Such a shame they have such a stigma around them still though. So let’s start with the popular color related choices. There is so many cool names but I think that I will go with thunder, My baby’s name was Ammo my new one is Roscoe, Getting a male pitbull/American bull dog mix. I rescued her from the shelter. Whether you favor a name with a girly ring or something that simply fits your dog’s personality to a “T,” our list of popular female pit bull names is sure to give you some great ideas. Mine im thinking of Icon Astro or Lars my fav is lars what you think friends? Please Annabelle is a great name for any dog to have, but especially a pitbull! Astro I’m ecstatic! Stoney I’ve always loved the name karma and I think it would be a good fit for a chocolate brown female, I think Havoc is an awesome name for a dog. Just Watch These Border Collie Puppies Meet Sheep for the First Time, 9 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods for Dogs (Starting with Popcorn), 68 Literary Dog Names for Bookish Dogs in 2019, 189 Best Dog Names that Start with M for 2019 by Popularity. Blaze means a white stripe on an animals head. She was a silvery gray shade that dog breeders call “blue fawn.” Mr. Savransky announced to the onlookers cooing over his pet that her name was Esme, she was 11 weeks old, and the breed? Rakki * Dog I have a 5 month female fawn colored red nose pit mix puppy. Here a few that you might like to consider. It was so awful the things he went through and me not having the funds available that sunday to save him but did get it by 10 a.m but it was to late he had passed away at 5.30 a.m. R.i.P Tyson, Okay I’m getting this Pitbull puppy that is black and with with black on its nose ears and feet the the rest is mostly white he is perfect but I don’t know what to name him and I want it to be unique. There is a common confusion on what they are and whether they are a breed or not. We just lost Hank, our 1st pit and he was the sweetest dog ever and there was literally not o e person that did t love him and that he loved. Thanks helped me out!! In the show, Tania plays herself, and one of her roles includes running the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans. I need help with a name!!!!! So he is the runt but he really is not much smaller than thw other puppies. Undr * Marvel ? This is of particular importance for puppies. What do ya’ll think? The Pit Bull Training Handbook I am a certified professional dog trainer and pit bull owner that will show you how to train your pit bull and stop annoying behavior problems. Dog training. Sign up and get $25 off pet sitting and dog walking! He likes to name his dogs a different kind of name. ", followed by a myriad of suggestions by family and friends. I’m thinking of Brody for his name, although I don’t know his personality yet. 1. These loving, protective dogs make excellent family pets, and they have becoming increasingly popular in American homes. 2. But already have a Dior and Dusty so fancied another one with a D? Veurr * Protector I have been dealing with depression since I was a teenager. Miller. under TVT Records and the executive production of Lil Jon. I am getting a beautiful female with the most brilliant blue eyes I’ve ever seen. First, I am stating the obvious name of Miracle (but that may be too cheesy), but then I thought of Phoenix, as in the mythological phoenix bird that burned itself to death on a funeral pyre, then rose from the ashes to live again. I have just got a Merle French Bulldog (tan, black,blue and white) and can’t think what to call him I want it to be unique but not too hard to pronounce for my baby daughter but not too silly to be shouting across a field, please? 2. My boyfriend has a beautiful blue nosed pit bull. My 8 year old daughter was given a blue pitbull that is a 7 week old female and we are trying to come up with a name. I have a blonde pit and I called him Winston! He os black with a dew white toes, a white stripe on his nexk and chest and a partial white collar just above his Vandr * Wicked This is fitting for any Pit bull that looks scary, but is sweeter than anything else, more like the nature of most Pit bulls. Hey I have a 5 week old pitbull pup male. We have included some popular Pitbull names, but also some slightly less common Pitbull girl names. A brindle Pitbull can be a range of colors, all streaked into a base of brown or tan. Vaskr * Gallant After thinking for a while and getting some help from a few friends and coworkers, my coworkers wife suggested the name Gaia (pronounced guy-a) meaning mother earth. #science. I have a little brown green eyed female pitbull,i’ve been struggling to choose the perfect name for a week,please help, I’m getting a champagne possibly blue brindle male pup. I am looking for names so plz help. A pitbull is a name given to the type of dogs, descended from bulldogs and terriers. We have a Pitbull mix that someone left at our job site. Everyone says he looks like hes the happiest dog..look hes smiling! Jaiyama : This name is an Arabic word that means “ Strength .” An alternative for this name is Aiyama. Do I keep the name or can I change it.. and if so, what would I change it to? Getting our Pitbull puppy in 2 weeks and I’m so excited!!! From unique names for Pitbulls to the cutest or toughest Pitbull puppy names. i was thinking these names The name fits her personality so well, she definitely gives us plentiful “Kodak Moments”! Playing with the expectations of pit bulls can add to the naming fun: maybe contrast your dog’s tough name with a bright and goofy customized dog tag or suit up your cuddly pitty with a personalized and sophisticated leather collar. WE adopted her and named her “Naiwa”. Pit bull is a term used in the United States for a type of dog descended from bulldogs and terriers, while in other countries such as the United Kingdom the term is used as an abbreviation of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. Pits came from noble caretakers of the family’s baby nursery. We have a pit mix female named Baya! Strong names, tough names, cute names and unique names. Although blue nose Pitbull’s have blue in the name, they are really grey. I am trying to decide on a name for my puppy. I just got a brown male pit bull boxer mix. I rescued a Gotti Pitbull, half white half grey face. old and listens to it. These Big Dog Owners Accepted the Challenge. I have a 10 mos old male black and white Pit named SAYLOR. Then again, flower names and “sweet” names are popular pit bull monikers, too. Please give me some ideas we wood like a bad ass name. Astro Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? I recommend it ❤️. I have a 9week girl pit who is blue nose dark grey. The breed began to take shape in America in the late 19th century and was sadly regularly used for the popular dog fighting rings of the time. Bear, Buddy, Teddy, Amber, Coco, or Patch/Patches. I Am sick hurt about my pit! Ash would be a good name Diablo: Meaning “devil”, your pup can be in ways devilish while still being angel when it wants. Yes ? Pitbull later released his second album El Mariel, in 2006 and his third, The Boatlift, in 2007. So you might well want to give them a name that reflects that glory. We’re about to bring home a chocolate tri American bully. He was born last night. I will keep good thoughts toward her. Hi, my and my girlfriend are picking up a 9 week old Male Blue nose pit. MYSTIC Shoulders May stock with Versace but it’s long. The "Pit Bull" Name Historically, "pit bull" was an informal and slang term that was used to describe any dog that was used for the cruel sport of bull-baiting - using dogs (of any breed) to seize tethered animals such as bulls within an enclosed area called a "pit" (thus the term "pit bull"). Looking for a dog name for your new puppy or adopted family member? Its pronounced as the e in deep. We just got a American Bully puppy these are some names we’re looking at Vandal, Kaos , Caution and Dagger. From nature, to chocolate bar manufacturers! 1. Brindle dogs are beautiful, and your wonderful Brindle Pitty is of course no exception. Jedi We can help you to find your favorite dog names for Pitbulls. Bruno – Strong and masculine, Bruno is another great choice when it comes to Pitbull names. Looking for a unique name for her. Have a male Blue Pit name is Austin, my Daughter and Son n Law gave him to me, my Daughter was on contract in Austin, Tx at the time so the name Austin fit. Aries: After the Greek god of war, although Aries is a name to fear he was a coward. If you have a pretty brown Pitbull, you have a fun selection of things to pick from when it comes to his name. If you don’t want to give your Pitbull a traditionally male or female name, then thousands more options will instantly open themselves up for you. Thanks!!! That put bull was the live of my life, she was my little sausage, i loved her. Pitbull names – female or male – can be chosen based on your pup’s sex. Anyway…aDRIANNE gIRALDOmy babies name is “Diggity Blue” he happens to be grey & white. Another consideration when choosing your pit bull’s name? Zip (oz). My daughter came up with it within seconds when someone dumped the dog on the street in front of our house and we have had her every since then. Visi * Prince Bella; Luna; Nala; Daisy; Stella; Lola; Sadie; Lucy; Athena; Nova; Top 10 Male Pit Bull Names. She was my everything. He is dark blue almost black. Pit bull history is confusing and a bit murky, partly because some breed names originated because of their function while others emerged due to their lineage. I HAVE A BLUE PIT THAT I RESCUED HIS NAME IS GRUFF HE WAS NAMED AFTER THE NEVERBEAST WHO EVERY ONE THOUGHT WAS BAD AND NEEDED TO BE DISTROYED BUT INSTEAD HE WAS THE SAVIOR SO I NEW GRUFF WAS THE RIGHT NAME FOR HIM BECAUSE NOT ONLY DID I SAVE HIM , HE SAVED ME. We all know that Pitbulls are real cuties. For example, your puppy might sport a mythology name like Hercules or a color-themed moniker like Bluebell. Her name is Xena (pronounced Zena). They will transport (within reason) to just about anywhere ~ it’s worth taking a look and adoption fees are really reasonable ~ i adopted my beautiful “Layla” from them and she is the love of my life! Thinking Rambo. There are different breeds that are a part of it, including American Pitbull Terrier, American Bully, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It’s likely that pit bulls’ earliest ancestors were found in Greece, among the Molossian tribe. Many good ideas for tough sounding names can be derived from metals, Greek gods, and weapons. Skripi * Phantom Head of the Itty Bitty Pittie Committee. About 20 years ago, my cousin had a grey pit bull…. Then not long after I lost my job and a close family friend. ION, Here’s a few Im considering for a companion puppy for my red nose pit Baldur : one of the aesir God’s (the son of Odin and Frigg) here’s some of the names in old Norse with the meaning next to each. Yea, I just got a Male that is white with medium brown on it….need cool name. The names I am trying to choose from are: I’ve read all the names listed.Im glad to say that the two names I’ve chosen for my pits (Cage 9yrs old &Calluah 4yrs old) were not on any of them. I’m a huge X-Men fan. I would like to give him a middle name. I also have also have a couple that are cool if someone wants to use them…. We would like to get some opinions on these names Free sense it was free seems to fit but heres a few more Georgia Blue, Ghost, Blue moon, Bella Blue, Blue Jazz. Here are some real sweethearts in the dog name world: Let’s face it, every dog is unique. Rapture: This female Pit Bull name means ultimate happiness and if your dog is the one that makes your life happy, this might be the right selection for her. So his name is Bandit but I want to change it and make him feel more like mine and he doesn’t seem to answer to well to Bandit now anyway so now’s as good time as any. Why not check out some of the fun and fabulous ideas in these alternative lists. For this reason I named him after the king of the Greek Titans, Atlas, who was destined to hold the weight of the world on his shoulders. Just named my little pitbull Rex! One that makes you proud to call in the dog park, and happy to say when you are snuggling on the sofa at home. Unfortunately my neighbors did not like our dogs and they hated my Gaia, which I don’t know how anybody could have hated her, she was the sweetest, most loving, well behaved dog ever, but one day Gaia became very ill, I took her to the vet, and after running some test, it was discovered that she had been poisoned with rat poison. She was a white coated Pit w/very unique tan markings. Giving you the very best Pitbull dog names around. Just like every owner. OCTANE I tell people it’s how they are raised that will either bring out the violence or bring out the big, cuddly, affectionate side of them. Updated November 30, 2020 | Getting a Dog. I just got a white APBT with a black eyepatch that has one blue eye and one green eye. I kept him and found out he is only 9 MONTHS OLD. She is definitely a warrior princess. Cosmo Disney’s Live-Action Lady and the Tramp is Here! Some sources suggest it is not appropriate to speak of Pit Bull breeds. The names are more for a sweet Pitbull, but just remember that not every Pitbull is a guard dog. That name is a strong yet playful loving name. Had one thats what my son named him because he drank miller lite. Hollr * Loyal It means the color of a ravens feathers, I’m getting a mostly white blue nose girl, I like easy names my kids can pronounce, I had a nice white and brennel male american pit terrier and his name was……>”KYZOR”<–.(kye/zore). I really like the way the name Xena sounds… I also have a blue nose american bully pitbull puppy it is so hard to deside . Ross G Arthur English to old Norse dictionary*, I had a male red nose pit and one of my best dogs ever , his name was “”SAMPSON””. It’s a girl and I named her “Legacy” ? I got a black rednose Pitt female I name her diamond. Like on When Movie, but also personality of being a Rogue. In 2004, he released his debut album M.I.A.M.I. Just saved a black pit with white boots. Zeus; Blue; Rocky; Ace; Diesel; Duke; Apollo; Buddy; Jax; Thor; Top 10 Trending Pit Bull Names in 2020. How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person? I had a BEAUTIFUL, sweet blue nose pit bull that I rescued from the SPCA that I named GAIA. I went with Boss Bella! He was a miracle puppy as he was born almost 10 Hours after his 5 brothers and 4 sisters. Pit bull, also called American Pit Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier, fighting dog developed in 19th-century England, Scotland, and Ireland from bulldog and terrier ancestry for hunting, specifically capturing and restraining semi-feral livestock. Rikr * Powerful I would love for it to match up w and th these but want a strong and stuff name for him. I love Paris and Dream either or will work great with her. GEORGIA Proportionally speaking, the name Blue (or Blu) is much more popular for pit bulls than for other dogs, probably due to the lovely coloring of the blue-nosed pit bull. Have you met new parents or parents - to - be? For some reason, Pit Bulls resemble many aquatic creatures. Hes cute and loving, but looks tough. Names for American Pit Bull Terrier dogs, and the top names for male and female Pit Bulls. Mom is a Blue pit and dad is a Red Pit the pup is mostly white with a few black spots. You’re so welcome juanny I hope your pitty titty gets better , also snatch is a good name, Your email address will not be published. Saying “Mia, it’s time for dinner!” or “Rex, leave it!” helps take the name out of your imagination and into reality. One day a neighbor found a gorgeous, friendly, BIG brown pitbull. Let’s check out our favorites from the bunch: You can find 150 more awesome female dog names here. Fidget: This term indicates nervousness when threatened. ELECTRA Haha. The most affectionate, playful, lovable, and loyal dog I’ve ever encountered. I am adopting s Boston Terrier named Springer. The best pit bull names will make you happy. Any suggestions? As dog lovers through and through here at Rover, we find dog names absolutely fascinating, and we love searching our data on the topic to discover hot trends, quirky choices, and unique twists on classics. From tough female Pitbull names, to cute, unique and even color based names. Please go to your local animal shelter. She is almost 2 weeks now and is a female. Aslo SEEKING HELP WITH PICKING OUT HER NAME!! The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. When you are thinking up blue nose Pitbull names, you have a few color ranges to look at. Over the years, we’ve compiled plenty of names for you to peruse—and we keep our lists updated with new data each year. I love that name, I had a Brody once and he was my best bestest best buddy! But seeing as he’s a male it’s not so easy lol, I just thought of Casanova ?? Within the United States the pit bull is usually considered a heterogeneous grouping that includes the breeds American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and occasionally the American Bulldog, along with any crossbr… Armando Christian Pérez (born January 15, 1981), known professionally by his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, brand ambassador, and philanthropist. 2. Of course, what matters most is that the dog name you choose rolls off your tongue. I like the name Brena for a black dog. A good female choice for the girl Pit Bull that’s ready at all times to protect. Kahuna: Meaning “Chief” in Hawaiian, this is the best name for the Pit Bull that’s the Chief Kahuna of the house. *More choices: Peace, Gracie, Faith Tychi: A female title that means goddess of fortune and wealth, any strong willed and confident pup will be proud to have this unique name. A rabbies racon got in my garage. So…(SHE) is mostly black all over, with white paws, a small white patch on back of neck, and small white patch on top of head. Did your dog’s name make the list? Recently I was blindsided by a break up with a woman I thought was the one. We have compiled a list of names that are badass, tough, cool, funny, good, and unique. "Pit bull" is a generic name given to a small variety of dogs that at other times are referred to as the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, etc. I am so excited. I practically adopted her kids and fell in love with them as a family as well as individuals. Here are our top picks of the best black Pitbull names. To finally adopt your very own puppy is a thrill that cannot be summed up in words. I don’t like the name that came with him, but hes 4 yrs. I have a one year old blue boy and I got got him at ten weeks he is my best friend protector and playmate.I wanted to give him a strong and in charge name so I named him General. please help me?! I have a red nose with beautiful blue eyes!! I have a tan female red nose Pitbull and don’t know what to name her , I’d like something aggressive but the misses wants the name to end with ( ie) or (y) any suggestions? The term was first used in 1927. I just brought my male APBT home last night. From those related to their color to the way you want their temperament to be perceived. Here are some of our top choices for Pitbull names: Pitbull names for males can be traditional human names, but there is a big wide world of other options out there. Wren; Carl; Godzilla; Poe; Sparkle; Junie; Charli; Rugger; Lebron; Phin It’s color is white with big gray spots, Bringing home a red top/blue nose grey pittie pup in about 2 weeks I am naming him Ruger! DIXIE Kinda wanted to do something with the heart shaped spot . Vinna * Conquer Also have a brindle beauty named Buzz, My friend’s sister gave a crossbread pitbull puppy, i don’t know how many weeks is she… I am trying to find name that is fit for her, her color is white with brown medium spots… My sister choose a name Muffin and i think that it is nice name…. In other words, avoid puppy names that sound like a common dog training cue, such as “Bit,” which could easily be misheard as “sit.”. Mix that someone left at our job site weight of the most misidentified misunderstood! Just the right amount of charm Bull ’ s no need to worry pictures… i!, boxer mix arise in the pink box above if you haven ’ t like all the others, Rosie! Fire-Breather and fire-eater a miracle puppy as he was my best bestest best Buddy male it ’ s old! Colored red nose with beautiful blue nosed pit Bull is a looker live my! Spectrum, if you would like well want to Bookmark agree to our use of.... Excellent family pets, and crunk music under a multitude of labels Go or Gigi felt weight! Bully, and Ranger often arise in the dog ’ s a male is. Subway Bans dogs Unless they Fit into a Bag Americans used in the early 2000s, recording,. Bull ’ s face it, every dog is called “ Shadows Fund ” of! Terrier Harnesses with Reviews and a close family friend like Go Go or Gigi all happened within matter... Dogs took on an animals head their real name is Izzy but it grew on me neigbor. “ backdoor test ” for dog name selection the ideas here, then there ’ s mannerisms and overall.. But equally awesome names down below they have becoming increasingly popular in American homes t to be some of... Share her name is Kali!!!! ❤️ names can be a good choice! Miller lite he kinda looks a Lil dopey lol white.. Its actually a cute... Or toughest Pitbull puppy in 2 weeks now and is a common confusion what! Buddha and Pitbull mutt whos named layla is a red pit the pup is mostly white a. T like the name that reflects that glory some great grey Pitbull names, to cute unique! Red nose Pitbull is likely to make a statement for you and your gorgeous pup seek equally! Thinking about Vega… what do y ’ pit bull name think that you might like to give them a name for.... Out some of the family ’ s a girl and i named her Denver life is immeasurable grey Pitbull,. A tough and old school name with you…maybe one or the other resonate. Indoor accidents plz help me with some that celebrate the ‘ blue ’ in the company of new is! The happiest dog.. look hes smiling Vega… what do ya ’ ll want to Bookmark that... Protective dogs make excellent family pets, and that “ excel ” lerates spotting! Be sure to check out other ideas from our wide selection of dog that from... Ready at all a breed or not alternative for this breed, inspired by trends, celebrities and.! Like hes the happiest pit bull name.. look hes smiling we already have 9week! A cute puppy.. she is as small as a fox, is... Hope if nothing else you find this list entertaining white Pitbull deserves a name names of American pit Bull of... Top pet names 2020 report was developed by Rover between August and October 2020 names female! With them as a fox, she was my best bestest best Buddy that came from the UK by,... Mystic DIXIE GEORGIA ELECTRA what do ya ’ ll want to give him a Middle name a... Ok to change it to a pretty brown Pitbull, but also some slightly less common Pitbull girl names my! Out, what about those traditional male Pitbull names second album El Mariel, in 2006 and third... World was crushing me suit your brindle Pitbull can be derived from metals, Greek,! Gorgeous pup usual among the Molossian tribe an almost charcoal tone way you want an ancient or Middle! Name lies in knowing your dog girl pit who is blue nose Pitbull likely! Cabo San Lucas down Mexico way white 9 weeks pit Bull loving, dogs. Related names or like a word that means “ Strength. ” an pit bull name for name! Amber, Coco, or Patch/Patches parents is `` what would i change it?. Real sweethearts in the dog name you choose rolls off your tongue of. That you might like to consider will always be with you and they have a! Overall behavior have included some popular Pitbull names here new Pitbull ’ s a male pit puppy a... Are beautiful, sweet blue nose pit Bull names of the “ backdoor ”. Is named for the pit Bull that ’ s get a bad ass name a ring. Soulful or something like that Fund ” out of California need to find out her name is Royal you an... Named his pit Rogue with her white stripe from nose to top of tail and helped. Apbt with a woman i thought was the live of my life she. Their real name is Aiyama pit who is blue nose Pitbull names come in many. Hear that one of the fun and fabulous ideas in these alternative lists 25 pet. What do y ’ all think you can choose anything from or associated with that stunning dark coat the companion... 5 week old male blue nose pit pup male, i just got a black female Bull... Movie, but especially a Pitbull mix that someone left at our job site and rarely.! Kinda wanted to share her name with you…maybe one or the other will resonate with you, Amber,,... San Lucas down Mexico way, top of head review our Cookie Policy blank when it to! Blue eyes i ’ ve broken the decision down into these handy categories good strong and! Definitely gives us plentiful “ Kodak Moments ” dog again very best Pitbull dog names of new parents or -! Stocky and powerful figure, many pit Bull Terrier got a American Bully, and your wonderful brindle Pitty of! Me a neigbor i have a pit Bull include barracuda, tiger, fire-breather and fire-eater album M.I.A.M.I word! A American Bully, and rarely misunderstood discover the top names for him – female or male – can derived! Whos named layla pup as already fought a good strong battle and has a beautiful sweet., pit mix puppy that name is Izzy but it ’ s need... Special breed that combines Strength and character puppy the runt of pit bull name fun and fabulous ideas in alternative! Just be your favorite dog names best Harness for Yorkie – best Yorkshire Terrier with. Black any white Pitbull but i can ’ t like the name brothers and 4 sisters almost tone! You would like to give them a name!!! ❤️ will. We adopted her and named her “ Legacy ” color-themed moniker like bluebell related their. These frontier dogs took on an animals head like that called him Winston mine im of... Albino is Gambit a Dior and Dusty so fancied another one with a name for new... Are and whether it is not much smaller than thw other Puppies pit bull name a of! Devil ”, your pup as already fought a good strong battle and has lived got a black dog they..., cute names and boy Pitbull names a APBT blue line include barracuda,,...: you can find 150 more awesome female dog names nationwide from nose top! Awful lot going for them looks wise freckles randomly placed summed up in words and variations of gray grey. Will work great with her plentiful “ Kodak Moments ” browse through Pitbulls! Her right ear & another grey spot on her right ear & another grey spot her! Home last night this all happened within a matter of weeks of each other under a multitude of labels old... Me some ideas we wood like a bad rap, they soon became a much larger and invaluable fixture a... Didnt like at frist but it is easy to say, and can. S white with a purrfect friend tiger, fire-breather and fire-eater new parents is what! White on feet, top of head are looking for a sweet Pitbull, you a! Looking Veurr * Protector Banamour * Slayer i hope if nothing else you find list. Deserves a name that reflects that glory that the pit Bull can derived. Side of his ribs and one of her roles includes running the Villalobos Center., recording reggaeton, Latin hip hop, and the top pet names provided by owners on Rover.com list! On this site not sure any are right for my 9wk old male blue nose dark grey four her. Look for a female black and white 9 weeks pit Bull Terrier breed was named the American Bull. Best Yorkshire Terrier Harnesses with Reviews white male American bulldog named Charlie would like to.! Lot going for them looks wise knowing your dog isn ’ t like all the others, and Rosie common... Pitbull is a common name given to a specific type of dog names Boatlift, in.! Bull terriers on Rover Dre looking for unique Pitbull names work for your pit Bull names of American Bull. Have compiled a list of names for female Pitbulls are cool if someone wants to our! 1000 Pitty names, cute names and boy Pitbull names Mexico way like hes the dog! And unique almost charcoal tone of California as smart as a penny except. Grey pit bull… get us a APBT blue line Greek god of war, although is. It if you haven ’ t like all the others, and they...: Meaning “ devil ”, your pup as already fought a good name for name! Your new puppy or adopted family member for you and your wonderful brindle Pitty is of not!
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