Cross-section comparison of the Airbus A380 (full-length double deck) and the front section of Boeing 747-400 (only the front section has double deck) During the 1990s both companies researched the feasibility of a passenger aircraft larger than the Boeing 747 , … The smaller plane is a CRJ-200 jus incase anyone was wondering. Compare the size of countries, regions and cities. (Image: Wikipedia) Boeing did not want the 747–8 to be equivalent to or larger than the size of the A380. 3 years ago. Click on one or more of the size categories below to see an overview for different jets in that category. The LG A380 is a clamshell phone with a 2.4-inch main display, 1.77-inch screen on the front, Bluetooth, music player, 1.3-megapixel camera and aGPS. level 2. The two planes differ in length also; Airbus A380 is characterized by an additional length when compared to Boeing 747. Let's compare the Airbus A380 with the Boeing 747-400 (the 400 is the most recent and best-selling version). Airbus A380 is considered a real revolution by itself, it is the largest commercial aircraft flying by 2010. Airbus 380f 72.72 m Airbus A319 34 m airbus a320neo Airbus A380-800 boeing 747-400 Boeing 787-10 Boeing B777-368ER commercial aircraft sizes comparison comparison of us aircraft carrier sizes Size Comparison of Passenger Aircrafts Description. The A380 is the world's largest commercial aircraft flying today, with capacity to carry 544 passengers in a comfortable four-class configuration. Our aircraft comparison tool gives you an easy way to compare and contrast different jet types to determine which one best fits your requirements. The A380 has two full-length passenger levels: a main deck and an upper deck, which are conveniently linked by fixed stairs forward and aft. No description found. This comparison is based on the basic configuration of the A380, although several variations are planned, including the A380F (for freight). Airbus A380 size comparison Save 0.003 km 2 / 0.00 mile 2. In fact the Airbus A380 is 72.8 meters in length whereas Boeing 747 is 70.7 meters in length. Recoil and Size A side-by-side comparison of the .380 Auto and 9mm Luger cartridges, showing differences in both length and diameter. Being the shorter, less powerful round, the .380 generally has less recoil than the 9mm cartridge, although this varies with the characteristics of the gun used. Compare Aircraft Side-by-Side Compare any two military/civilian aircraft, helicopter, or UAV from the 5,400+ entries found in the Military Factory database. The Boeing 747–8, a beautifully elegant airplane, a heir to the 747–400, is not bigger than the Airbus A380. Media in category "Airbus A380 size comparisons" The following 43 files are in this category, out of 43 total.

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